Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Club Constitution

The activities and affairs of the Illawarra Fly Fishers Club Inc. shall be governed by the rules as set out in this constitution.

1) The objectives of I.F.F. are:
To enhance the member’s enjoyment of the sport of fly-fishing by providing opportunities for members to increase their knowledge and skills; and, to assist with maintaining the environment associated with fly-fishing.

2) Membership Qualification
A person is qualified to be a member of IFF no matter what sex, race or creed provided that:.
a) The person is a natural person.  (Explanation: “Natural person” is defined at law so as to exclude entities such as companies, partnerships, organizations, government departments etc.)
b) The person agrees to abide by the rules of the IFF as set out in this constitution and as resolved at the AGM’s of IFF from time to time.

3) Obligations of members
a) To maintain the good reputation of the I.F.F..
b) To generally abide by reasonable standards of probity, environmental conservation and decent behaviour.
c) To be sportsperson like in their behaviour.

4) The cost of membership
a) On admission to membership a person shall pay $2, or such other amount as is resolved at AGM form time to time, by way of an establishment fee.
b) In addition to the establishment fee members shall pay an annual subscription as set out below:
    i) $10 per annum for pensioners, holders of disability cards, children under 16 years of age, full time students and non resident members when a no-resident member is a person residing more than 50 kilometres from Wollongong.
    ii) For all other members the cost of membership shall be $25 per annum.
    iii) Membership year shall run from midnight on the first Tuesday in August until midnight of the first Tuesday in August the following year.
    iv) Half fees may be charged if members join after the first Tuesday in February.
    v) If a membership is refused, the applicant has a right to appear before the committee to put his or her case. (No reason for refusal has to be given)

5) Members’ Liabilities
The liability of a member of the IFF to contribute toward the payment of debts of the IFF is to be limited to the amount of:
a) Any unpaid fees with respect to that member.
b) Any unpaid amounts in relations to purchases by the member from the IFF.
c) Any unpaid amounts in relation to the cost of outings that the member has committed his or her self to.

6) Resolution of internal disputes
Disputes between members in their capacity as members of the IFF are to be resolved in the following manner:
a) Directly between the members.
b) If that is not possible the executive of the Committee of the IFF shall arbitrate the dispute.
c) If the outcome from that process is not acceptable by both parties to the dispute then the dispute shall be referred to a community justice centre for mediation in accordance with the Community Justice Centre Act 1983. All costs of this process shall be born equally by the disputees.

7) Cessation of membership
Membership entitlements are not transferable and a person ceases to be a member of IFF if the person:
a) Dies; or
b) Resigns membership.
c) Becomes un-financial for a period of more than 3 months.
d) Is expelled from the IFF.
The member/members must be notified that their membership is to be reviewed and must be given the opportunity to appear before any decision is made.

8) Election of the Committee
A committee shall be elected by the members and shall consist of at least 8 members:
a) The committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall assume their respective duties as follows:

i) The President shall take the chair from the time elected. ii) Other members of the Committee shall assume their duties from the end of the AGM at which they are elected.

 b) The committee shall be elected in the following manner.
 i)  Nominations shall be accepted to fill positions in the following order:
(1) Executive Positions:
    (a) President
    (b) Vice President
    (c) Secretary
    (d) Treasurer
(2) Non Executive Positions:
    (a) Public Officer (must be over the age of 18 years)
    (b) Newsletter editor
    (c) Freshwater fishing outing coordinator
    (d) Saltwater fishing outing coordinator
    (e) Guest speaker and meeting program coordinator
    (f) Fly tying coordinator
    (g) Fly tying school coordinator
    (h) Fly casting coordinator
    (i) Fly tying competition and fly raffle coordinator
    (j) Liaison officer
    (k) Publicity officer
    (l) Web site manager
    (m) Video librarian
    (n) Magazine and books librarian
    o) Refreshment coordinator (beer, tea & coffee)
    (p) Social function coordinator
    (q) Name badge officer
ii) Members may be elected to fill more than one position provided that they do not hold more than one executive position.
iii) There shall be no restriction on the time a person may hold  a position.
iv) Where non-executive positions are not filled at an AGM they may be filled from the floor from time to time at Club Meetings and the person filling that position shall automatically become a member of the committee until the next AGM.

9) Powers of the Committee
The committee shall be subject to these rules and to any motion passed by the members at a club meeting or AGM. Its role shall be to consider and recommend to club meetings action in relation to the affairs of the club.

10) Club Patrons
A patron (or patrons) for the club may be elected from time to time for a maximum period of 5 years:
    a) Nominations must be in the form of a special motion and must be accompanied by an explanatory statement signed by the proposer.
    b) For the duration of the time that a person is a Patron he or she shall automatically become a member of the IFF and a member of the IFF committee.
    c) At the end of a Patron’s term they can be re-nominated.

11) Club Meetings, Meeting procedure  and activities
    a) Unless otherwise resolved at an AGM the IFF shall hold Club Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, except for January, at 7:30 pm at a venue generally advised to all members.
    b) Standard Meeting procedures will apply.
        i) Attendance
        ii) Apologies
        iii) Previous Meeting Minutes
        iv) Matters Arising out of Minutes
        v) Treasures Report
        vi) Correspondence
        vii) Agenda items
        viii) General Business
        ix) Fishing Reports
    c) The club shall hold other activities as are resolved at Club Meetings and AGM’s.

12) Club Newsletter
    a) The Committee shall cause a club newsletter to be sent to each financial member, and other persons and organizations as resolved by members at Club Meetings from time to time, so that the magazine will be received prior to the Club Meeting or AGM that any special motion that is included in the Club Newsletter is to be considered.
    b) The editor of the newsletter can include in the newsletter such other information that he or she considers appropriate from time to time.

13) Meetings and Quorum
A quorum shall consist of not less than 4 committee members for a committee meeting and not less than 15 members for a club meeting.

14) Chairperson
Committee meetings, club meetings and AGM’s shall be chaired by the President or in his absence the Vice President. In the absence of both the President and Vice president a club member shall be elected from the floor to chair the meeting.

15) Motions
A motion is a proposal by a member that the IFF will do or cease to do a particular thing or activity and, a motion may be proposed by any financial members as set out below:
a) A motion that does not relate to changing the rules of the IFF, as set out in this constitution or as resolved at AGM’s from time to time, shall be regarded as an ordinary motion. Ordinary motions:
    i) Can be verbal or in writing;
    ii) Must be seconded by a financial member;
    iii) May only be proposed at a time convenient to the Chairperson, provided always that an ordinary motion must be considered at the Club Meeting at which the proposer seeks to have the motion considered or, if the Chairperson deems it desirable the next Club Meeting.

b) A motion that relates to changing the rules of the IFF, as set out in this constitution and as resolved at AGM’s from time to time, shall be regarded as a special motion. Special motions:

    i) Must be proposed in writing;
    ii) Must be seconded by a financial member in writing;
    iii) Proposed & seconded special motions must be submitted to a Club meeting not less than two months before the AGM at which it is to be considered;
    iv) Special motions (and in the case of a nomination of a Patron the explanatory statement) must be circulated in each Club Newsletter sent out to members between the time the motion is received and the AGM, and any notice of AGM that is sent out to members.
c) If a motion is not seconded then it shall be considered lost.

16) Voting
a) Voting on ordinary motions and special motions can be in person or in proxy.
b) Ordinary motions shall be voted on by a show of hands and:
    i) Shall be carried if more than 50% of the financial members voting raise their hand in favour of the ordinary motion.
    ii) Otherwise shall be lost.
c) Special motions shall be voted on by a show of hands unless either the President or the proposer deems that not appropriate in which case private ballot shall be held and:
    i) Shall be carried if more than 50% of the financial members voting raise their hand or in the case of a private ballot submit their vote, in favour of the special motion.
    ii) Otherwise shall be lost.
    iii) Where a private ballot is held all members of the executive shall act as scrutineers but shall still be entitled to cast their personal vote.

17) Annual General Meetings (AGM’s)
a) Except when there are clashes of dates relating to availability of guest speakers etc the AGM shall be held in August each year.
b) When there is a clash of dates relating to the availability of guest speakers etc the date upon which the AGM will be held can only be changed by ordinary motion of the financial members attending a club meeting.
c) That ordinary motion shall be passed no later than June and provide for the AGM to be held in either July or September of the same year.
d) At the AGM, prior to the election of the Committee, the following reports shall be tendered:
    i) President’s report.
    ii) Treasurer’s Annual Report, recommended for endorsement by the Committee. Copies of the treasurers Annual report shall be made available (at the AGM) for members to peruse before full endorsement.
    iii) Fishing Outing Report including announcement of the winners of any fishing competitions held during the year.
    iv) Fly Tying report covering all fly tying activities conducted by the club during the year and including the announcement of the winners of any fly tying competitions held during the year.
    v) Fly-casting report covering all fly casting workshop and clinic activities conducted by the club during the year and including the announcement of the winners of any fly casting competitions held during the year.
    vi) Such other reports as may be requested by the outgoing president.

18) Insurance
The club shall maintain a Sports Insurance Policy, or such other insurance as resolved by members from time to time, covering all financial members attending official club meetings, workshops, clinics and outings.

19) Records
All records, books and documents of the Club can be inspected by any financial member of the Club at any reasonable hour upon request.

20)  Winding Up
In the case that the club has to be wound up all assets owned by the club, after payment of all liabilities and winding up costs, will be donated to the Institute of Freshwater Anglers.