Fly Tying

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Some fly tying tips can be viewed here.


Red Tag  Dry Flies 

Adams Irresistible Coch-y-Bondhu Cricket
Elk Hair Caddis Fore 'n Aft Variant Red Tag

Parasol Emerger  Emergers

Beau Back  Chironomid Epoxy Midge Mini Midge Emerger
Parasol Emerger Shaving Brush Emerger Suspender Nymph

Bead Head Nymph  Nymphs & Wets

Beadhead Nymph Brassie Brown Nymph
Couta Mudeye Damselfly Nymph Epoxy Sand Caddis
Flymph Fur Fly Generic Damselfly
Generic Nymph Glo Bug Hare & Copper
Pheasant Tail Nymph Wooly Worm

Woolly Bugger  Streamers

Fuzzy Wuzzy Rabbit Fly The Ozy Streamer
Woolly Bugger Yabby

Bass Vampire  Bass Flies

Bass Vampire Crickroach Gartside Gurgler - Bass
Monster Ant


Baited Breath  Critters

Baited Breath Blood Worm Crazy Charlie
Curalo Prawn Curalo Worm Epoxy Shrimp
Leather Crab Steve's Estuary Fly

Bendback  Baitfish

Bendback Clouser Minnow Eye Fly
Gartside Gurgler Polar Fibre Minnow Popovic's Surf Candy
Rattling Clouser