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November 2007 "WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN!"



Middle of November last year, my wife Kathy and myself had a short trip planned for the north west of Tasmania.

It was not intended to be a fishing holiday, as I already had two weeks planned back in Jindabyne after our return from Tassie.  Never the less, as a precaution I packed a #6weight fly rod and an assortment of fresh and salt fly’s.

Our first destination was to a little seaside hamlet “Boat Harbour”.  Boat Harbour is situated between Burnie and Stanley on the north coast of Tasmania.

 Our accommodation was an amazing little beachfront cottage, and was much more than I imagined. 

After unpacking, we uncorked the chilled Champagne and opened the strawberries our hosts had provided for us.  I am not usually a wine or bubbly drinker, but sitting in the afternoon sunshine looking out over Bass Strait, it was all too much to refuse.




Our host, Duncan, arrived to check and see if everything was to our liking.  He noticed my rod tube, and forthwith stated that, he owned and operated a dairy farm only 5 minutes drive down the road.  It so happened that his dairy farm happened to have 10 kilometres of meandering stream running through the heart of it, and that I was welcome to try my luck for the trout that reside in it.  It nearly killed me to say it, but I had to decline, too much Champagne had taken its toll.   I just wasn’t in a suitable condition to drive there.  After a few more exchanges of pleasantries, it was agreed that I would try my luck in the morning, by which time the effects of the bubbly would have worn off.  The only drawback was we had an early start in the morning and that would only allow me about an hour and a half fishing time.  Hardly enough to even get started.  I cursed to myself, wishing, ”If only I had known!”

Needless to say, the stream and the surrounds were breathtaking.


The view from the balcony of our little cottage.





I returned to our little cottage by the sea, and as I ate my breakfast in the morning sunlight, I saw in the distance, a pod of whales breaching and spraying water.  Almost a perfect end……. Now if I could only have caught a Brown.


Boat harbour is an idyllic bay and I would recommend it for any couple visiting the northern part of Tasmania. For excellent accommodation and flyfishing opportunity here is the link.


Don’ forget to mention you would like to fish the stream.



Jeff Randal


  Only 5 minutes from the sea to this!