Illawarra Flyfishers Club

September 27 2007


Hi all


I managed to get a fish in at Jindabyne last Wednesday evening and I could not of picked a better evening. I arrived at the water around 6pm, just as the sun was setting, there was no wind and the full moon came up a half an hour later. I wasted no time in getting to my fishing spot where I tied on my favorite bead head woolly bugger. About 15 minutes before dark I got two bumps but did not hook up so I knew there were fish about but I did not see any rises at all during the evening!! The full moon soon turned darkness into daylight and in the past I have not had a lot of success fishing a full moon. At 7:15pm I caught a 3.5lb brown trout and released it to see another day and later on I hooked another fish and then lost it and had another bump and again did not hook up.


I started to question why my hook up rate was not that great and I thought I may be stripping too fast which I tend to do when I use a bead head woolly bugger, especially if the water is not that deep. So at 8pm I changed to a Mark 2 un-weighted woolly bugger and slowed down the strip rate and 2 or 3 casts later I caught a six and three quarter pound brown trout!!!! It simply refused to come in and it took some getting to the net. What a corker of a fish!! It measured 625mm and I used 8lb tippet. After catching this fish I immediately ceased fishing and made my way back to the car when it started to sleet as a storm was about to let loose.