Illawarra Flyfishers Club

December 2007


Tasmanian Taster


Eight days fishing in Tassie is nowhere near enough. As a matter of a fact it is just enough to get a taste and yearn for the next trip. I booked this trip months ago when there was a sale on airfares, expecting a cheap fishing holiday with my son Adrian. You know, hire a cheap car, take the two man tent and rough it a little. After all, we were only there for ten nights.

The idea of roughing it was upgraded to a three berth motor home with shower and toilet! 


With the van fully provisioned we headed off to the highlands. Our first port of call was The Brady’s Chain of Lakes. We fished Lake Binney for some small redfin and one rainbow which was hooked by Adrian, about five to six pound. It did a couple of aerial antics before heading deep and breaking off. Biggest fish Adrian has ever hooked and as he said, “It certainly got my ticker going”


Next day polaroiding the shores of Lake Binney where we sighted a couple of decent fish but were unable to hook up. The afternoon was spent at Bronte Lagoon, across the road. We had a great session fishing to rising fish in the weeds, catching fish to one kilo on emergers.


We moved west and fished Lake St Clair Lagoon catching three or four browns each on a windy and overcast day. A number of fish were caught with casts well up the banks with twenty feet of line on the ground and the last ten feet in the water. Exciting fishing, casting to a sighted fish and watching with anticipation as we saw the fish turn and take the fly.


Heading west to Queenstown for a trip on the Wilderness Railway (Adrian is a railway fanatic), we stopped at Lake Burbury which we found was not particularly suited to shore based fishing.

After our train trip we came back via Lake King William and fished the upper end of Lake St Clair Lagoon. A sunny calm day where the fishing was notably harder than two days earlier.

By the weekend we were at Arthur’s. Unfortunately it was very

windy and no fish were found. A fifteen minute drive and we were at Penstock Lagoon and the wind was not quite as strong. This was the busiest spot of the whole trip with about ten boats on the lagoon and more land based fishermen in the reeds. We waded and waited, waited and waded,

warmed up and waded some more…….., but to no avail. The dun hatch came and went. I had one take which I missed and we saw only a couple of fish caught. Still, it was very enjoyable fishing. The following day there were no duns and very few rises and a fishless morning for us.


On the homeward track we headed for Brumby’s Creek. The water level was up and Adrian and I both caught fish before dark. The next day the waterlevel had dropped but fish were still rising and we both managed a couple of decent fish. After a few hours of heavy rain which killed the red spinner hatch five minutes after it started, we were out again. We saw our first “tailing fish in the reeds and quickly realised that we didn’t have the faintest idea how to catch tailing (as opposed to finning) fish. Adrian felt the landing net was the best option as a four pound brown swam through his legs!  



How quickly had the trip come to an end. Time to head back to Hobart and back home.