Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Its All Down To Fly Selection  

Fly fishing the evening rise on a Welsh reservoir, a family father mother and their teenage son plus two other fly fishermen a young man in his thirties and an older gentleman were fishing the evening rise, in a short while the older  gentleman had caught two nice fish, the younger man hooking and losing a good fish.  The family was fishless, the father approached the young man  inquiring do you know the older gentleman, yes he’s my uncle “would you ask him what fly he’s using, my uncle comes from North Wales and doesn’t speak  English but understands some, I’ll ask him, the young man called to his uncle in English “what type of fly are you using uncle” the answer came back in Welsh” a bach iiwyd  cul meddwl hedfan” with difficulty the  young man  young man translated the answer “ A Small Gray  Narrow Minded Fly ”.


Mike Mansell