Tips and Techniques

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                                    Knot Tests
                                    Lefty's Loop Knot


                                    Making Braided Loops
                                    Attaching Braided Loops

Fly Tying and Storage

                                    Making Fly Boxes
                                    Storing Saltwater Flies
                                    Epoxy tips for fly tying
                                    Flytying Tips


                                    Strengthening your casting arm
                                    Curve casts
                                    Side casts
                                    Shooting heads
                                    Rod assembly


             Listed below are a number of the better local fishing spots in which to spend some time waving the wand. All  contributions are from club members, but anyone is welcome to email their thoughts to me for inclusion in this section.


Location Fish Species Nearest Major Town

 Lake Jindabyne

Brown, Brook and Rainbow Trout, Atlantic Salmon Jindabyne

 Wollondilly River

Rainbow and Brown Trout, Carp Mittagong

 Lake Yarrunga

Bass, Carp Nowra
 Upper Shoalhaven River Bass, Carp, Herring Nowra
 Five Islands Kingfish, Salmon, Tuna Port Kembla

 Lake Illawarra

Flathead, Bream, Tailor, Whiting Windang

 Minnamurra River

Flathead, Bream, Whiting Minnamurra or Kiama

 Coalcliff Rocks

Kingfish, Salmon, Tailor, Tuna Coalcliff or Thirroul

 Shoalhaven Region

Bass, EP, Mullaway, Estuary Species Nowra



Miscellaneous Tips

Ouch! ... Removing hooks from fishermen

By Ron Williams

If it hasn't happened yet, keep fishing. It will. The inevitable hook buried in your hand, your kid's leg or your the dog's ear. It used to be the recommended cure was to have it removed by a doctor (and swallow the emergency room bill) or the dreaded "Push it on through, cut the barbed section off and back it out". I have actually done that! But never again.... 

Ok here's how it's done:

1. You need some type of strong mono or something similar. I have used 0X tippet on the stream, or as mentioned above, a piece of fly line backing. Whatever you use, make sure it's strong. Cut about a two or three foot section of material.
2. Put the line through the bend of the hook. If you are in doubt about the strength of the material you are using, double it. 
3. With one finger push down firmly on the eye of the hook, pushing it down against your victim's, ....oh, patients, skin. Make sure the hook is standing up at a 90 degree angle from the skin. Doing this will "Release" the barb from the under lying flesh, so the hook can be pulled free without any further damage.
4. Grasp the line firmly in your other hand and pull it straight, parallel to the hook shank. 
5. Give a quick, strong jerk on the line, parallel to the hook shank. The hook will (relatively painlessly) pull free without tearing up any skin!

I've used this method a few times now and know of other anglers that have used it as well, it works!