Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Beau Back Chironomid

Text and Photos by Stephen Chatterton

Hook #12 - #16 curved pattern
Thread 6/0 Black
Body Peacock herl
Tail 3 or 4 ginger cock hackle fibres
Bib Ginger cock hackles

When Chironomids are emerging they emerge in large numbers and there are plenty of choices for the fish. Casting speed and accuracy are as essential as an appropriate fly. This is an old recipe that I think has its origins in Ireland.

Tying Procedure


a) Starting at the eye wind the thread in touching turns half way round the bend of the hook.
b) Tie in the tail about 2/3 the length of the hook shank.
c) Tie in one strand of peacock herl and twist it around the thread and then wind on a cigar shaped body. 


a) Tie in about 5 or 6 cock hackle fibres as a bib.
b) Build up a head of silk whip finish and varnish.