Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Epoxy Midge

Text and Photos by Stephen Chatterton

Hook #12 - #16 medium shank
Thread Black floss
Body Black Floss
Rib Fine gold wire
Side flash Red feather slips
Coating 5 minute epoxy

When Chironomids are emerging they emerge in large numbers and there are plenty of choices for the fish. Casting speed and accuracy are as essential as an appropriate fly. When I asked the guys at The Alpine Angler to recommend their favourite chironomid pattern this is what they gave me.

Tying Procedure

1a) Starting at the eye wind the black floss in touching turns to just beyond the bend of the hook.
b) Tie in the fine gold wire.
c) Build up a uniform body 4/5 along the hook shank.
d) Return the black floss to the way position.

2a) Wrap the fine gold wire along the body to form five segments finishing at the half way position.
b) Tie of the fine gold wire & trim.
c) Tie in a slip of red feather (or red floss) on each side of the fly at the half way position.
d) Now holding the slips out of the way build up a thorax of black floss.

3a) Carefully pull the red feather slips or floss into place to form a red flash along both sides of the fly.
b) Tie off the red feather slips or floss and trim the excess.
c) Build up a small head of black floss and whip finish.
d) Coat the whole dressing of the with a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy.