Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Epoxy Sand Caddis

Text and Photos by Stephen Chatterton

Hook #12 - #16 medium to long shank
Thread 6/0 brown or olive
Body Yellow cotton or thread under 5 minute epoxy
Tail Green hackle fibres
Ribbing Fine red wire
Thorax Olive cotton or thread

Sand caddis are abundant along sandy margins and a favoured food of browns in particular. A good ambush fly which trout will often just pick up as they come across it or will grab when just twitched.

Tying Procedure

1a) Starting at the eye wind the yellow cotton in touching turns to just beyond the bend of the hook.
b) Tie in a tail of around 5 green hackle fibres. Use the fluffy fibres toward the base of the quill. 
c) Tie in the fine red wire.
d) Build up a uniform body 4/5 along the hook shank.
e) Return the yellow cotton to the way position. 

2a) Wrap the fine red wire along the body to form five segments finishing at the half way position.
b) Tie of the fine gold wire & trim.
c) Tie in the olive cotton and tie off the yellow cotton and trim.
d) Now build up a thorax and head with the olive cotton and tie that off with a couple of half hitches.

3. Coat the whole dressing of the fly except the tail with a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy.