Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Fur  Fly

Text and Photos by Andrew Susani

Hook #10 Gamakatsu B10S or a basic wet fly hook
Thread 6/0 (same colour as fur)
Body Rabbit fur
Head Ostrich herl

Apologies to Tony Sloane (the fly's creator) and the various fly tying purists out there, but I reckon that this method of tying on the rabbit fur is easier than the original method, which cuts a strip of rabbit hide, folds it, ties it down, then trims off the skin. This method will work well if you have a good rabbit hide, but I have been using a dried out hide for a few years now and trimming the skin is just too hard. 

Tying Procedure

1. Start behind the eye and wrap about 1/3 of the shank with thread.
2. Cut a small bunch of rabbit fur and tie it down on top of the hook shank. The tips of the fur should project about half of the hook shank's length behind the bend of the hook.
3. Tie in another bunch of fur on the side of the hook.
4. Tie a third bunch in on the other side of the hook.
5. With your thumb and forefinger, gently move the bunches around until the fur is evenly distributed around the shank. 
6. Tie in 3 or 4 ostrich herls. For extra durability, you should wrap the herls around the thread before winding them forward over the thread wraps to form a head..
7. Tie off the ostrich herl and trim the waste. Whip finish and varnish the thread, and the fly is finished.