Illawarra Flyfishers Club

The Ozy Streamer

Photo and Text by Ron Williams

Hook Mustad 9672, size 10
Thread Uni-Thread 6/0, black
Body Emerald green Uni-Floss
Tail Red wool
Wing Kangaroo fur
Hackle Black cock hackle
Rib Oval gold tinsel

Tying Instructions

1) Start the thread just behind the hook and lay a bed of thread to the bend. 
2) Tie in the red wool for the tail and trim equal to the hook gap in length. 
3) Tie in a section of oval gold tinsel, and a length of dark green silk behind the red wool.
4) Tie in the lead wrapping it in close wraps forwards and bring the tying thread forward to two hook eye widths behind the eye. 
5) Wind the green floss forward to the thread, creating a smooth, tapered body. Tie off and trim the excess. 
6) Spiral wrap the gold tinsel ribbing 6 wraps at the butt and then at equal spaces (6 wraps) forward to the thread, tie off and trim. 
7) Clip a small bundle of kangaroo hair, carefully remove the underfur (for use later as dubbing) so the tips remain relatively aligned, then  tie in on top of the hook so the tips extend just past the tip of the tail. Pinch the bundle in place as you trim the butts.
8) Trim off forward section of kangaroo fur, tie in one black cock hackle giving three or four turns making up the hackle head, tie off and trim.
9) Build a smooth, tapered head with the tying thread, whip finish and cement well. 

Tips on Presentation

  • This is a good small stream or slow water pattern. 
  • 'Dart' it through riffles and pocket water with one-two foot long sharp strips.
  • Occasionally let it settle toward the bottom a little. 
  • Smaller sizes often out-produce the larger sizes.