Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Rabbit Fly

Text and Photos by Andrew Susani

Hook #10 Talon Streamer (Peregrine range)
Thread 6/0 (same colour as fur)
Body Rabbit fur
Wing and Tail Rabbit fur

This fly is a bit of a cross between a Kangaroo Fly (see Fur and Feather by Peter Leuver), and a Tom Jones, an old English smelt pattern. It is a pretty easy fly to make, and the rabbit fur wing pulsates seductively on a twitchy retrieve.

Tying Procedure

1. Start the thread behind the eye of the hook and wind a layer of thread along the hook shank.
2. Cut a small bunch of rabbit fur close to the hide. Tie it down at the bend, then tie down the tag end so it forms a nice even underbody.
3. Tie in another bunch of rabbit fur just in front of the tail bunch, but trim off the tag end.
4. Tie in consecutive bunches of rabbit fur until you get close to the eye of the hook. Make sure the bunches are fairly close together so there are no gaps in the wing. Also check that the bunches are lying straight on top of the hook shank, and not wrapping around the side.
5. Build up a head of thread, then whip finish. 
6. Varnish the head and the bottom of the thread wraps along the underbelly, and the fly is done.