Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Rattling Clouser Minnow

Text and Photos by Andrew Susani

Hook Talon TSSH or Mustad 34007 size 1/0
Thread Mono or 3/0 Thread
Body Medium Mylar tubing
Rattle Spirit River small glass rattle
Eyes Dumbbell or machined eyes
Wing Bucktail or Kinky Fibre with Comes Alive or similar flash material

Tying Procedure

1. Start the thread just behind the eye and lay down a layer of thread over the shank, stopping above the hook point.

2. Tie the rattle down on top of the thread wraps. Make sure you take tight wraps over the rattle so it doesn't work itself loose through casting.

I prefer glass rattles as they make much more noise than the plastic ones, but plastic rattles are cheaper and may be more forgiving if the fly happens to hit a rock while casting.

3. Take a piece of mylar tubing and pull out the white cord in the centre. Push the hollow tube over the rattle.

4. Carefully tie the rear of the tubing down with some tight thread wraps. Whip finish the thread and trim it off. You can trim the tag ends of the tubing if you like, but I think the uneven ends tend to add a bit of extra flash to the body.
5. Reattach the thread behind the eye of the hook. Make sure the tubing is pulled tightly over the rattle, and tie down the front end of the tubing. Trim the tag ends.
6. Tie down a set of dumbbell or machined eyes in front of the rattle. I like to use a drop of superglue underneath and on top of the eyes to form a really solid connection. Whip finish the thread and trim it off.
7. To strengthen the body and protect the rattle, apply a thin coat of 5 minute epoxy to the mylar body. Add a bit of epoxy to the thread wraps over the eyes, but don't get any epoxy on the thread behind the eye of the hook where the wing will be tied in.
8. Leave the body to completely dry - remember that if you do this in cool weather, this will take longer than if the room temperature is warm.
9. Tie in a thin section of the wing material. If you want to tie in two colours, make the bottom colour lighter than the top one.
10. Tie in some flash material.
11. Tie in the second wing colour, then whip finish and varnish the thread.