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If you have a fly fishing report you want to post on this page, send it to this email address. If you have any related pictures to accompany the report, include them as separate attachments. Click on the report title to open in a new window, and the most recent reports are listed first. Older reports can be found in the archive.

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Current Reports

Date Report Title Author
August 2016
Swansea Club Trip
 Chris Harding
March 2014
Botany Fads
 Phil O'Brien
February 2012
 Golden Moments
 Phil O'Brien
February 2012
 Four Days in the Mountains
 Kevin Gowen
January 2012
 Trip to the Snowies
 Mike Parkinson
December 2011 Five Days in the Snowies  Kevin Gowen
December 2011
A Piercing Story
 Michael Mansell
November 2011Koala Up  a Gum Tree Michael Mansell
November 2011The Trout that Died in Action Michael Mansell
November 2011Fontenoy Club Trip Ben Campbell
November 2011Fontenoy Weekend Michael Mansell
October 2011

  It's All Down To Fly Selection

 Michael Mansell
 October 2011  Listen to Nature  Michael Mansell
September 2011
Book Review  - Fishing Sense
 Julian Watson


Date Report Title Author
Snowy Mountains Trip
Kevin Gowan
 Feburary Tasmania  Leo Harding


Date Report Title Author
October Unknown River.... somewhere! Phil O'brien
August President's Report Neil Nelson
July The 2009 Australian Fly Casting Championships Jeff Randal
June April Club Trip to Jindabyne Jeff Randal
May 2009 Inetrclub Ross Salvato


Date Report Title Author
March A Purple Patch Gary Batey

2007 Reports

Date Report Title Author
December Tassie Taster Gary Batey
November What Could Have Been Jeff Randall
November Fish N Trips Chris Harding
October Albacore Gary Wade
October Hardings Kalkite Week Chris Harding
September 6.75lb Brown Trout Leo Harding
August  Andrew Wheeler catching Redfish (USA) Andrew Wheeler
June  Andrew Wheeler from USA Andrew Wheeler
June Rivers generally Leo Harding
May  Berrara Leo Harding
May Shoalhaven River Leo Harding
April CFA Meet Wallerwang Chris Harding
February Tasmania Leo Harding


2006 Reports

Date Location Author
September  Jindabyne - Speckles & Spawners Kerry Nicol
September  Kakadu Silvio
September  "Cousins Can wait" Neil Nelson
August  Lake Jindabyne Chatto
August  Mullet Creek Chatto
July  Lake Woolombool Chatto
June  Mullet Creek Ron Williams
February  Tasmanian One Fly Leo Harding
February  Lake Jindabyne Chatto
February Snowy Mountain Streams Chatto

2005 Reports

Date Location Author
December Central Highlands Tasmania Emilo Caggiano -  FFA NSW
October  Jindabyne Leo Harding
August  Lake Illawarra Chatto
August Polaroiding Jindabyne Chatto
Summer  Short Reports various fisheries various
February Tasmanian Bream Leo Harding

Reports Archive

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