Illawarra Flyfishers Club

17, August 2005


Hi Guys,

Jindy is polaroiding well at the moment. I managed a polaroiding session on Jindabyne on both Wed and Thursday (17& 18 Aug) when
the high was still over Jindy. Wind was light and water visibility was OK
but not as good as last month - as a result of recent winds. Best locations
were rocky shorelines where there were gravel patches. Saw plenty of post
spawning fish many still coloured up an full of hormones. Most were in
groups of two or three but at one spot  I found at least 20 big browns all in spawning mode. I see this phenomena each year and I have drawn
the conclusion that some fish probably do spawn in these lake "reds" but I
don't believe that the eggs hatch. (Any ideas ?) I couldn't interest any of aggregation
of big Browns in the fly but I did manage a Rainbow and small brown which I think were hanging
around hoping for an egg or two. I was tempted to knock the rainbow on the head and
see what was in its gut but let it go anyway.
Most of the fish that were caught weren't in spawning mode and whilst spooky still responded well to the fly. Best fly was a Tom Jones, best brown was 56cm (no photo) and best bow was 43cm.I have attached a few photos. Sorry about the blotch of mud on the business end of the camera.

Regards, Chatto 20/8/05