Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Lake Illawarra 30/8/05

Ron Williams and I spent 4 hours fishing around the entrance of Lake Illawarra this morning. Unfortunately the high of recent days had passed and we were in the middle of a cold change, still with clear skies but with a cold NW wind fluctuating between around 10 and 20 KPH. We started by wading around the pylons and I managed two bream the largest being 30cm. Ron didn't fish much there because he had recently lent gear to a mate and and he had to spend time putting it back together. We then moved back toward the entrance and whilst Ron continued with problems with his gear I managed another 5 bream, three whiting, and two flathead. I am sure that one of the flathead made Ron a little bit %&#?* as all I did was drop my fly off to the side where I was fishing and the fish just jumped on. Prospects for the lake generally are looking good at the moment but I would encourage you to fish a fast sinking line. I was using my Mud Prawn fly pattern.

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