Illawarra Flyfishers Club


Breaking news - my new boat that was suppose to take 6 weeks to deliver from late January 2006 finally arrived in August. It took 6 months rather than 6 weeks but at least is a s good as it was expected to be. Its a fully tricked up for fly fishing Poly Craft 4.55 in 2E and 2D survey and ideal for Lock Style fly fishing.

On the morning of the expectant delivery Julie said I was like an expectant father. I told her it was much more important than that this is a new fishing boat. For some reason Julie didn't understand how I felt and made sure I knew it. In any case my comments had paved the way for her not really wanting my company for a few hours and I knew that I would be able to extend that to time for a fishing trip the next day if I applied myself.

A quick call to Leo and Ray and arrangements were made for the fist outing on the new boat "fish on fly". Whilst I took a couple of flies with me I didn't take any fishing gear as I was keen to muck around with the boat, and in any case, I knew that Leo and Ray would give me a flick of their fly rods as the morning progressed. We set off from Berkeley harbor at about 9 am and because a southerly of around 15 kph was blowing we pulled in to the lee shore of Gooseberry island and Leo and Ray worked the shore line and drop off methodically. After half an hour or so of that and not a touch we moved up Mullet creek. The water around the island had been very clear and we were pleased to see more colour in the creek. We worked up the North arm of the creek to the hole just before the private bridge and gave that a pretty good work over. On the other side of the bridge we watched a father and son fishing with dead prawns catch a couple of good bream and then one thumper of around 1.5kg. Our fishing was interrupted a couple of time by groups of canoeists but even as they passed, the father and son landed a couple of fish. Ray offered me a flick of his  fly rod which I eagerly accepted. Ray had been fishing a legless Rays Shrimp and Leo was fishing a BMS. We had earlier seen a bloke collecting blood worms at the entrance of the creek so I was keen to tie on one of my mud prawns with red and black barred (blood worm coloured) legs. It didn't take long and as we moved up toward the father and son, first a knock and then bang I was on. Not a big fish, but the first fish, probably 32cm, for my boat. Leo breathed a sigh of relief and explained that he and Ray had been holding back for the last hour or so because they wanted me to catch the first fish in my new boat - I of course thanked them.  Even though another boat moved up past us and fished rudely close to the father and son, we excused our selves for moving through their water and moved up around the corner to resume fishing. I picked up a second bream near a drop off, again around 32cm. I handed the rod back to Ray still with the mud prawn on and took over control of the electric motor again. Ray picked up a nice bream of 35cm around some heave timber. During the morning I had a fish with Leo's rod also and even though he swapped over to  a mud prawn with chartreuse legs all he could manage was a couple of knocks.

In any case I finished up 3 bream, Ray with one and Leo just plenty of style.