Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Subject: Narrumbulla

Hi all

Had a few days away with work and rain everywhere I went with a colleague from my office. Most rivers and creeks were flowing very well if not abanka including Murrumbidgee, Bombala and Numeralla. Also took the road from Nowra to Braidwood via Nerriga (around 60ks of dirt road) and wasn't that was fun in the rain!! We came across 2 rivers that I cant remember the name of but they were flowing half a banka and Narrumbulla (near Goulburn) was up to the highway and 100% full. We also visited a property called Tredigar on the Delegate River (Chris you will remember Roger and Heather) and there had been heaps of rain through this area as well.

What did I hear you say? Of course we worked, just a few ks between each job. It was just bloody freezing at Bombala and Delegate as it was snowing in the mountains.



Comment on the email by his brother Chris Harding

Like I said…best job in the world! Yes the one in one hundred year drought is about to break and the figures out today are showing it. 4 reservoirs are at 100% (2 are the usual ones (Fitzroy and Tallowa) and the others are the Nepean which will flush the Nepean River followed by the Hawkesbury; and Blue Mountains reservoir is 100%. Cataract is up to 76% already and Cordeaux is 61%. Our Avon is  65%. It’s snowing in the snowies and from Lithgow to Bathurst. Holy cow, bring on next season and the next one after that! Eucembene in 2 years time and every year after that.