Illawarra Flyfishers Club

Assembling Jointed Rods

By Ron Williams and Andrew Susani

Jointed rods can become difficult to assemble as the ferrules age, getting dry and corroded. A simple remedy is to polish them, then coat with candle wax for lubrication. If you're out fishing and have no wax, rub the ferrule behind your ear or around the side of your nose, where's there's always human lube.

Remember also that most modern graphite rod sections are designed to be joined using a 90 degree twisting motion. You don't need to put a lot of energy into fitting the sections together - in the long run this will probably damage the joins anyway. Instead, gently push the sections together so that the guides are offset by 90 degrees, then twist one of the sections around so that all the guides line up. Give the joint a test by holding each section near the joint and pulling steadily along the axis of the rod to make sure there is no movement between the sections.