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How to Make Your Own Braided Loops

Lots of people use braided loops as the link between the flyline and the leader, or flyline and backing. It results in an easy way to change leaders or flylines, as well as being just as strong, if not stronger, than the traditional nail knot or uni knot. 

The material I use for the braided loop shown below is 30lb Cortland braided monofilament, commonly sold as running line for shooting heads. It is exactly the same material as the braided loops that are sold in two packs. Gudebrod also makes a good braided monofilament.

Now I am not forcing you to go out and buy 30m of braided monofilament - if you just want to start small, go and buy a pair of braided loops. The commercial variety are so long that you could easily make 2 of my braided loops out of one commercial loop. If you buy a spool of braided mono for use as running line for a shooting head, cut off a couple of metres and keep them for making these loops. It is very handy stuff to have laying around.

What you will need:

This is the easiest method that I know of to make braided loops. For 99% of the case, this easy method will be strong enough once you have attached it properly.

Once you have finished making the braided loop, click here for instructions on how to attach it to your flyline.


Instructions (click on the picture to see a larger view in a new window)

DSC01582.jpg (26317 bytes) 1. Insert the point of the needle halfway along the length of the piece of braid and push it through the hollow centre.
DSC01583.jpg (24566 bytes) 2. Push the end of the braid through the eye of the needle. If you quickly expose the ends of the braid to gentle heat from a cigarette lighter, it makes the cut ends behave themselves and it's a bit easier to work with.
DSC01585.jpg (23552 bytes) 3. Carefully pull the needle through the braid so the tag end is pulled back through the hollow core.
DSC01586.jpg (33979 bytes) 4. You will now see that a loop has been formed. Put a skewer or thin pencil in the loop, then pull the tag end out of the needle.
DSC01587.jpg (36755 bytes) 5. Make sure it is all tight and neat, and remove the skewer from the loop.
DSC01588.jpg (27797 bytes) 6. Trim off the tag end that you just pulled through so that it extends slightly past the outside layer of braided mono. This will make it easier to guide the flyline into the loop when you attach it to the flyline.
DSC01590.jpg (65519 bytes) 7. The finished braided loop, ready to be attached to your flyline.