Largest Fish Competition for current year 2023/2024

Fish must be caught on fly, in season, in NSW waters and equal or exceed the minimum length requirements.
Bass to be measured to tail fork.

Species Length
Flyfisher Fly &
Hook Size
Australian Bass 44 Ray Ellis Baitfish Pattern 20 Glenbawn Dam
Atlantic Salmon          
Aus Salmon          
Bream 37 Barry Gentle #6 Olive Raw Prawn 10 Shoalhaven River
Brook Trout 31 Jon Brooks Olive Wooly Bugger 4.8 Three Mile Dam
Brown Trout 50 Nigel Pennington Mudeye 8 Braemer Bay
Carp 78 Ray Ellis Brown Nymph 14 Split Rock Dam
Estuary Perch          
Flathead 49 Mike Parkinson Chartreuse Clouser 6 Minamurra River
Herring (Freshwater) 25.5 Ray Ellis Brown Nymph 14 Yalwal Creek
Luderick 46 Alan Griffiths #16 Stretchcord Shrimp 8 Ballina
Rainbow Trout 51 Gary Batey Orange Beadhead 6 Rushy's Bay
Snapper 25 Mike Parkinson Chartreuse Clouser 6 Dalmeny
Whiting 34 Barry Gentle Skipping Prawn 6 Foster

Interstate and International –catches of merit.

Club Casting Competition Rules

Rod:            Ordinary fly fishing rod of maximum length 3.00metres. Standard fly rod rings and guides.

Reel:           Standard fly fishing reel. Reel fastened to the rod, line fastened to the reel.

Line:           Standard fly fishing line, minimum length 15 metres.Backing unrestricted. Metal inlays prohibited.

Leader:      Minimum length 1.80 metres. Diameter optional, butthe tippet must be minimum length of 20cm with a maximum diameter of 0.25mm.

Fly:             Standard tournament flies, size 10 hook with the bend, point and barb removed, palmer tied pattern, any colour, hackle diameter 16-20 mm.

Rings:        5 rings 0.76 metres in diameter, 1.5 metres of free water surface between each target. The ring on the left placed 8 metres and the ring on the right placed 13 metres from a peg placed in the ground. The caster must stand directly behind this peg.

Casting:    The caster must start with the fly in hand and one (1) rod length of fly line (leader not included).  Dry fly casting one try at a time on each target in the following order: 3 - 1 - 4 - 2 - 5

* The target on the left being No.1 the one on the right No. 5.

* At least one false cast shall be made between each score or lay of the fly.

* The fly line may only be shortened or lengthened during false casting, with the rod in motion. No shortening or stripping of the line from the reel when the rod is not in motion casting. Improper shortening or stripping of the line shall make the next cast non-scoring.

Scoring:    Each competitor will receive 1 point for competing. Each hit in or on the target scores 1 point. The fly must rest until the judge calls the score. "Ticks" (touching the water with the fly when false casting) count as casts but are non-scoring. The maximum score for the dry fly round is 6 points.

Practice:    Each caster may have unofficial practice casts but only one official casting session to the rings. Before casting his official casting session, the caster must clearly state to the judge that this is to be his attempt for the recording.

Prize:    A prize for the year's winner will be presented at the year annual Christmas dinner.

Duration: The casting competition year will be from the year of the Annual general Meeting till the following Annual General Meeting, with one casting day per month except for December and January. However in the event of inclement weather, other special circumstances or less than 4 participants, a lesser number of events will constitute the competition.

The decision to cancel a casting competition will be the responsibility of the committee member in charge of fly casting or his representative for the day. Any problems arising will be resolved by the committee member in charge of fly-casting, his representative, or failing that by the club committee.

Flies for the 2023 - 2024 Year